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Enviro Sweep are committed to providing professional sweeping services at the highest quality and one key factor in operating at this level is maintaining a fleet of modern units featuring the latest technology. All units undergo stringent servicing and daily vehicle checks to ensure they are running at optimal performance resulting in our customers receiving the most reliable sweeping services or sweeping hire available.

Our fleet consists of a range of units that vary in size from truck mount and compact sweepers to footpath and ride on sweepers and scrubbers thus enabling us to engage the best and most efficient unit to complete the specific requirements of any sweeping service request. All of our units are fitted with a range of sweeping equipment such as white work lights, 360 degree rotating flashing amber beacons, rear LED directional light bars, fire extinguishers and CCTV cameras to increase the safety and visibility of our sweepers.

As part of our street or road sweeping service or sweeper hire, we ensure that all material collected at each location is removed and dumped at an EPA approved location.

Truck Mount Sweepers

Our truck mount sweepers are the core of our fleet with their ability to be used in such a wide variety of applications. These include residential street sweeping, main roads and intersection sweeping, car park sweeping/cleaning, industrial and site sweeping, construction site cleaning/sweeping, road/street sweepers hire, along with side entry pit cleaning.

Many of our units are fitted with a range of options to enable us to provide additional services such as weed spraying and high pressure water cleaning road sweeping services.

Compact Sweepers

Although compact in size, Enviro Sweep’s Scarab Minors are extremely resilient and are capable of undertaking the most arduous of sweeping services or sweeper hire. With a GVM of 4.2 tonnes and a large 2.0m³ capacity hopper, our Scarab Minor compact units are the perfect sweeper hire solution for undertaking various tasks from the larger street and car park sweeping to the more delicate work such as footpath, bike path and precinct sweeping.

Footpath Sweepers

Enviro Sweep can now provide further options to our customers, with the environmentally friendly Azura footpath sweeper. This unit was designed to undertake the specific requirement of footpath and bike path sweeping. Its compact design enables it to manoeuvre with the greatest of ease in the smallest of spaces and with an overall height of only 2096mm; the Azura can fit within some pedestrian tunnels and bridges, enabling an efficient road and street cleansing and sweeping service.

Footpath Scrubbers

The Aquazura footpath scrubber offers Enviro Sweep customers a total road surface cleansing solution utilising a cleaning system that provides simultaneous wetting, soaping and scrubbing. This unique system enables our units to remove greasy deposits and stubborn grime from a range of surfaces helping restore colour to the ground thus making the Aquazura the right choice for your footpath, bike path and open spaces scrubbing and cleaning.

Ride On Sweepers & Scrubbers

Enviro Sweep has a number of ride-on Tennant sweepers and scrubbers available. Powered with gas instead of other traditional fuels like diesel or petrol, our ride-on units are ideal for warehouse and industrial sweeping and scrubbing.