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Enviro Sweep understands and appreciates our customer’s obligations and the requirement for your contractor to deliver the service within the specified time frames.  Our reputation provides our customer’s with the confidence that it will be engaging a contractor truly capable of undertaking the work on time every month and comfortably within our demonstrated capability.

We offer a broad range of cleansing solutions that include sweeping services for various applications like road and car park sweeping, precinct sweeping, industrial site and warehouse sweeping and special event sweeping. Other services available include footpath cleansing, scrubbing services, side entry pit cleaning, wet hire and trash rack management.

Our services are available as a regular scheduled arrangement, short or long term contracts or even on a casual or responsive basis.  Enviro Sweep can accommodate for the variations surrounding our customers sweeping requirements including catering for different seasonal changes and weather extremes. We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

Regular Programmed or Scheduled Service

Scheduling your sweeping requirements into a programmed daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangement is a difficult task at the best of times. Factors such as the density of the natural vegetation within your area and the types of material being collected can play an integral role on how to approach the job. We can work with you to develop strategies to combat problematic areas and tailor a detailed program for your sweeping requirements. 

By utilising a pre-programmed approach to your sweeping needs you will see the benefits in the improved aesthetic appearance of the site and a reduction in the presence of the organic and non organic debris, thus further reducing the risk of these materials entering storm water systems and water catchment resources.

Responsive Service

With Enviro Sweep operating 24 hours of the day for 365 days of the year, we can offer a responsive call out service. This type of service is ideal for emergency cleansing requirements at accident locations and for spillages on worksites. You can be assured that when you require urgent sweeping or scrubbing services, Enviro Sweep has the resources available to deliver.

Contracts – Long, Short, Casual & Lump Sum

Enviro Sweep can offer flexible contractual terms to best suit the requirements of your cleansing task.  Short term contracts are ideal for jobs that may run over only a few weeks at a particular site where as long term contracts may be more beneficial on projects that may take a 6 to 12 months or more. Casual contract terms are ideal for regular customers who require work to be competed at short notice, especially when weather interrupts progress, when projects may be close to completion and require additional sweeping or if there are dignitaries expected to make a visit onsite. Another great alternative where a casual contract would be suitable is when additional works or variations are required on a current programmed service.

If you are looking for piece of mind or need to know a fixed price for your sweeping requirements, then our lump sum or price per service contracts are the ideal solutions. Our sales team will come and assess your sweeping requirements and offer recommendations for a practical sweeping solution and provide you with a competitive price to complete the works. Lump sum or price per service contracts are great for budgeting purposes and/or expenditure management, helping to define what the fixed amount will be for the length of the contract and reducing the risk of unexpected costs.