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Machinery and Maintenance

We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious, with a fleet of predominantly single engine Scarab sweepers. These sweepers have less moving and wearing parts along with using significantly less fuel when compared to other twin engine sweepers; thus their carbon emissions is greatly reduced and they provide us with many operational benefits. Enviro Sweep places a strong emphasis on maintaining a modern fleet of technologically advanced sweepers by adhering to our strict procedures and rigorous maintenance schedules to ensure all our sweepers are reliable and efficient.

Our vehicles and operators are fully supported by our local workshops and service personnel to assist them at all times along with having a readily available supply of spare parts and replacement brooms. In the unlikely event of a machine breakdown, we have a number of machines on standby that have the capabilities of performing any sweeping requirements. This ensures that Enviro Sweep is always ready to undertake any cleansing applications that may arise.

With a proven history of providing a professional, responsive and high quality service, you can be assured that Enviro Sweep is a reliable choice.