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Side Entry Pit Cleaning

Side entry pit and drain cleaning plays an integral role in ensuring that your drainage system continues to function efficiently. Enviro Sweep’s fleet of modern sweepers are fitted with a wander hose specially designed to enable our operators to safely and efficiently remove the debris minimising the risk of flooding through blocked drains and the like. Our two-man team can clean out single, double and triple drains with the greatest of ease. By utilising Enviro Sweep’s professional, diligent and thorough services to perform your side entry pit cleaning tasks, you can be assured that your system will continue to perform its designated tasks efficiently and effectively enabling you to keep on top of your maintenance requirements, reducing the wear and tear on your infrastructure. At the same time an efficient, well-managed and proactive service will have a positive impact on the environment by removing large amounts of material that could have ultimately entered and polluted the storm water system.

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