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NEW Aquazura in SA

Introducing Enviro Sweep South Australia's NEW Aquazura Footpath Scrubber.

The quiet and stylish Aquazura MC 200 has been designed to provide an efficient cleansing solution whilst still protecting the surfaces and the environment in which it operates. The Aquazura MC 200 has the unrivalled capability to simultaneously conduct wetting, soaping and scrubbing, whilst recovering and recycling the waste water.

With a wide range of sweeping and scrubbing applications such as footpaths, bike paths, car parks and pedestrian areas the Aquazura MC 200 is a truly versatile unit.

The Aquazura MC 200 has many standout features that separate it from its competitors, such as:

- Reduced washing water consumption – up to 8 times less than a traditional washer
- Hydro-mechanical washing action with non-aggressive surface scrubbing
- Non toxic, environmentally friendly detergent
- Suction of waste water, detergent and solid waste matter
- Recycling of waste water
- Separation of waste water, grease, oils and solid matter

How the Aquazura MC 200 works;

The combined action of water, detergent and brushes guarantees effective cleaning through ‘shampooing’. The low pressure spray of soapy water works to lift dirt and grease as the brushes gently scrub to cleanse and remove these deposits. The 20 litre capacity detergent tank ensures the operator has enough detergent on hand to complete the most stubborn of tasks. The Venturi system allows the operator to regulate from within the cab the amount of detergent discharged, depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned.

Water Recycling System
With a clean water capacity of 1000 liters the working cycle for the Aquazura MC 200 is remarkably long in recycling mode. All water discharged from the unit is suctioned back into the unit, along with the grease and dirt collected, ensuring no pollutants enter the storm water systems.

The five independent floating brush system, with 3 fixed brushes and 2 adjustable, creates a sweep width of up to 2100mm. The combination of the adjustable scrubbing width, the vertical pressure of the scrubbing head and the speed of the rotation of the brushes means the Aquazura MC 200 has more power when removing stubborn grime.

A nozzle span of 1600mm on the floor is created with the Scrapers, which work to direct liquids and larger debris such as cans, to the centre where they are suctioned into the unit. These Scrapers are fully reversible which doubles their life span and enhances the units value for money.

With a 200mm pipe and 13,000m³/h suction flow there is real power behind the Aquazura MC 200, which ensures the end result is a clean and fresh surface for the public to enjoy.

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