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Pre-Programmed Scheduling: An Effective Enviro Sweep Solution

Scheduling your sweeping requirements into a programmed daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangement is a difficult task at the best of times. It is especially challenging when sweepers are out of action due to maintenance or repair requirements or when operators take annual leave.

As a leading provider of environmental cleansing solutions, Enviro Sweep can utilise their unique scheduling programme to take the complication out of sweep scheduling along with providing an efficient and proactive service to its customers. This highly sophisticated programme allows Enviro Sweep to coordinate their fleet of modern, well equipped sweepers and their highly skilled operators along with the scheduling of contractual requirements with confidence and ease.

The frequency of the program can be determined by the strategies Enviro Sweep and the Council have negotiated based on the density of the natural vegetation within the area and the types of material being collected. By utilising a pre-programmed approach to your sweeping needs you will see the benefits in the improved aesthetic appearance of the site and a reduction in the presence of the organic and non organic debris, thus further reducing the risk of these materials entering storm water systems and water catchment resources.

Another reason to choose Enviro Sweep for your scheduled sweeping programme is that it enables their operator to gain a better understanding of the site, the specific tasks required and the opportunity to indentify areas that are exposed to consistent traffic. This information allows the operator to determine which days of the week are going to provide them the best non restricted access for sweeping with minimal disruption to the local businesses. With this additional knowledge, the operator can complete the task in a timely manner and identify any additional services that may be required, such as residential street sweeping, bike and footpath sweeping or Side Entry Pit Cleaning in which all of these services Enviro Sweep can also assist Council with.

Pre-programmed sweeping is an effective service that provides Council’s with value for money cleansing services. For further information on pre-programmed sweeping opportunities or any of the services available from Enviro Sweep, please call your local branch on 1300 610 416.