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New Operations Office for Western Australian Customers

Enviro Sweep is delighted by the sustained growth of our company within the Western Australia region as a result of ongoing success in contracts. With this expansion, Enviro Sweep has identified the need to relocate to a bigger premise that will enable us to continually to grow whilst maintaining our commitment to the full range of services we offer to our customers.

Our new operations centre in Henderson is equipped with established offices, spare parts stores and a workshop, providing our qualified service technician ample room to undertake the required scheduled maintenance of all our sweepers. Enviro Sweep is also able to store a greater range of spare parts and replacement brooms for our fleet, enabling our operators to change over the brooms as required ensuring that our sweepers are working at optimal performance at all times.

As a leading provider of environmental cleansing solutions, Enviro Sweep continues to offer a broad range of sweeping services such as road sweeping, footpath and car park sweeping, industrial site sweeping, project and construction site sweeping. With the beginning of the new financial year just around the corner, call Enviro Sweep on 1300 610 416 to discuss your budget quotation requirements along with obtaining any further information on the services we have available.